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Timescape is a map based storytelling platform.

Explore Stories

Map & Visualise Stories

Publish Your Maps Anywhere

Mobilise your community

Collaborate with your team

Timescape enables you to engage a global crowd to collaboratively create and publish interactive map based stories in time.

Organizations & individuals around the world use Timescape to share visually engaging maps of their work and impact.

Mobilising Communities

Crowdsourced Campaigning


Mapping Histories

History Class Collaborative

MIT School of Architecture

Demonstrating Impact

Outreach and Advocacy

John P. McNulty Foundation

Plans & Features



Start mapping, collaborating and sharing for free!
Yours to explore!
  • Create up to 5 Maps
  • Rich Media Posts
  • Team Collaboration with up to 3 Users
  • Embed Anywhere
  • Visualisation Dashboard
  • Voting/Liking on posts
  • Tagging and Filtering
  • Presentation Mode
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Email Support


Custom Plans

Engage and grow your community via crowdsourcing. Tailor the experience to your needs. Get expert help.
Everything Plus:
  • Unlimited Maps & Collaborators
  • Crowdsourcing
  • White-labelled Embeds
  • Custom Forms & Feature Customisation
  • Data Import & Export
  • Dedicated Project Advisor
  • Content Strategy & Design Support
  • Technical Support & Training
  • Priority Email & Phone Support


At Timescape we are visualizing streams of information across geographies and time. We believe in the philosophy of embedding human and social intelligence into the operations of collation, analysis and visualization.

Somnath Ray

Co-founder | CEO

Somnath Ray is the CEO and co-founder of Timescape. Ray is driven by the intellectual motivation to imagine and propose new ways to interface with the world, both virtual and physical; currently involved in establishing Timescape as the new online paradigm for representing knowledge as an interactive web of stories using history and geography. Ray’s background is in Design+Computation and Architectural Design from MIT, MediaLab and Columbia University. Recipient of the Humanitarian award for design innovation in 2012 from MIT TechReview for the design and prototyping of a low-cost mobility solution for the disabled. And winner of the Evolo International Skyscraper design Competition in 2007. Ray's works have been published and exhibited in New York, Boston and New Delhi.

Vaibhav Bhawsar

Co-founder | Chief Designer

Vaibhav is the chief designer and co-founder of Timescape. His work often stems from a desire to envision powerful ways of knowing and engaging with the world through use of design and computational media. He is a graduate of the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU, TISCH and Srishti School of Design, India. He previously worked at Yahoo as an interaction and product designer and was part of the design innovation team at Yahoo Brickhouse. His visualization and mapping projects have been published and exhibited internationally at art and design festivals including Ars Electronica, ARCO MediaLabMadrid, Conflux, MUKHA, and The Centre for Contemporary Image in Geneva.

Mallikarjun V. Reddy

Senior Engineer

Mallikarjun holds a MS in Computer Science from Polytechnic Institute of New York University. He is passionate about bringing simplicity and remarkable design engineering to large scale systems.